Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dog Scouts of America Troop 184

Troop 184 meets monthly in the Parker, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, South Denver area of Colorado. 

Troop 213 meets monthly in the north metro area, Broomfield, Northglenn, Longmont and North Denver.

As  members of the national non-profit organization Dog Scouts of America we promote responsible dog ownership and have a great time learning new activities with our dogs. 

It is the purpose of Dog Scouts of America to:
  • Promote, enhance, and give recognition to the importance of the human/companion animal bond, through a variety of educational activities and publications.  
  • Conduct research, education and service related to humane education and the human/companion animal bond. 
  • Encourage public education and community involvement on the part of its members.  
  • Support the involvement in the art, skill and discipline of animal behavior modification through operant conditioning and other non-traditional, non-punishment-based training methods, for the purpose of teaching various skills and  activities to animals which will improve the quality of their lives and make them a more valuable resource to the community.


Pixie said...

Awesome start to the blog!!

Mom24leggedkidz said...

Thanks to Bark Dog Day Care of Castle Rock for hosting our meeting February 11.
Congratulations to all Dog Scouts that passed Leave It!

Please put your thinking caps on and plan an outing for the year 2011.

Ruth & Mia

Troop Members